Wednesday, April 12, 2006

One smoot short of a blimp?

So, while randomly googling, I found a messageboard thread in which people discuss facts about the Hood Blimp. Unfortunately, the post seems to only be available in cached format.

The best part of the thread by far, preserved here for your reading pleasure, is this:

roxie: You missed a blimp fact .... just how many smoots long is the Hood blimp?

swstone: Roxie,Given that a smoot is 5' 7", and the A-60+ blimp is 39 meters, (hmmm... multiply 39.37, divide by 12, etc., etc.) I would say 22.9 smoots and one ear.

Still no actual Hood blimp to be seen hovering over, so my 2 or so readers and I will have to content ourselves with blimplore from the internet.

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