Friday, May 05, 2006

Sweet Caroline followup

So now after having posted about Sweet Caroline, a couple people have engaged me in discussions of, "why?"

This NPR story explains -- sort of -- why that song gets sung at Sox games. The best part of the story is the NPR reporter, Sox music director, and Sox players singing the song throughout the clip.

This, uh, interview with Adam Gaffin seems to really offer the best explanation:

him: You know the story behind it?
me: i've looked it up
me: still don't GET IT
him: Classic Boston thing: Anything that gets done repeatedly for a couple of months becomes a tradition.
me: hmm... [link to NPR article]
me: sweeeet caroliiiine...
me: wait, the reason is that the former music director just played it just cuz?
him: yep
him: In other words: There's no FUCKING REASON.
him: Except she kept doing it.
him: Hence: tradition.

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Anonymous said...

The Boston Globe had a detailed article on the origins of Sweet Caroline at Fenway. You can find it here: