Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our correspondent, Jeff, from New Jersey sends in this report

Blimp Blimp Blimp o'er Joisey

Sorry, no pics, I was stricken with paralysis by the blimpieness of it.

About an hour or so ago, I sighted the Hood Blimp over my house in Moorestown NJ, apparently on its way to buzz Philly. Although I love blimps, I’d never heard of the Hood Blimp, and googled it. Love your blog! Since Im on a blimp flightpath and usually hear their distinctive whhrrrr before I see them (if the windows are open), I shall try to get a pic next time.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sara drinks wine, photographs blimp, blogs about it

Ooh, and she even linked here. As any quality Hood Blimp post should, really.

Hood Blimp season shortened due to fuel costs

Great story, aside from the little blip of second-referencing "Bradbury" without mentioning his whole name first. It's Leigh Bradbury, and he's the dude who was piloting when the blimp crashed in Manchester-by-the-Blimp.

Click here for bigass blimp picture.

Video of a ride in the Hood Blimp

From Salem News. Definitely worth watching, even for those who aren't obsessed with the blimp.