Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hood Blimp season shortened due to fuel costs

Great story, aside from the little blip of second-referencing "Bradbury" without mentioning his whole name first. It's Leigh Bradbury, and he's the dude who was piloting when the blimp crashed in Manchester-by-the-Blimp.

Click here for bigass blimp picture.

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Jonathan Phelps said...

Hi. It's Jonathan Phelps, the freelance journalist for the Salem News who wrote this story. Thanks for posting this on your site.

For some reason the lead to the story I wrote got hacked on-line. I did identify Leigh Bradbury's fullname in the first paragraph.

It should read...

The sky was a bit overcast yesterday morning at Beverly Airport, but it was "all clear" for Leigh Bradbury to lift off in the Hood blimp.