Monday, July 28, 2014

2014 blimp season is underway

The Hood Blimp is up in the sky and blimpier than ever this year. Be on the lookout for the blimp at 22 Red Sox home games as well as other events in Boston and other cities in the region. More schedule details will be posted as they arrive.

Hood Blimp over Roxbury last week

Quick facts:
  • The main pilot this year is Terry Dillard. Stay tuned for a biography and hopefully an interview.
  • The blimp holds up to three passengers plus the pilot during non-camera events and fly for up to 6 hours in most cases. On camera events, the pilot, camera operator and camera equipment fly on the blimp.
  • Don't get any ideas about messing with the blimp, because the ground crew provide 24/7 security and also perform helium pressure watches every few hours.
  • The blimp has the same owner, but The Lightship Group is now called Van Wagner Airship.
Let the world know where you've seen the blimp by using official hashtag #HoodBlimp on social media!

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